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Postural Bodywork

Physical therapy on leg

Posture affects more than just how you look. Posture has a dramatic effect on how you move, and consequently how you feel! 

Postural Bodywork combines techniques of  Synergetic™ Structural Integration and St. John Neuromuscular Therapy with principles of NASM Corrective Exercise  to create a system designed to re-educate the whole kinetic chain into both static and dynamic postural balance. 

Each session begins with an assessment of both stationary and dynamic posture. Next, we will use a combination of soft tissue manipulation techniques to decrease overactive areas affecting your posture and to restore proper range of motion throughout the kinetic chain. After reassessing our progress, we will work together to create a strategy to re-educate problematic postural habits.


Postural Bodywork is designed to be in conjunction with Postural Movement Re-Education to achieve better and long lasting results.  

Postural Bodywork involves a series of sessions designed to build a new postural foundation that will allow you to feel better, move better and look better!  Schedule a Postural and Movement Consultation or contact me to learn more.


Posture & Movement Consultation 45 Minutes $45

60 Minute Session $95

90 Minute Session $125

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