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Postural Movement Re-Education


Posture affects more than just how you look. Posture has a dramatic effect on how you move, and consequently how you feel! 

Whether you want to improve your posture or your health through movement and exercise, Postural Movement Re-Education can provide you with the blueprint to achieve your goals using principles and techniques of NASM personal training and corrective exercise.   

Postural Movement Re-Education helps to improve posture and decrease pain by the restoration of proper bio-mechanics and functional movement required for the safe execution of exercise programs as well as activities of daily life. Through a three pillar program, my main priority is to educate you about your body, by empowering you to achieve your goals through realistic and achievable program design and postural habit re-education.  

Schedule a consultation if you want to feel better, move better and look better! 


Postural & Movement Consultation 45 minutes $45

Re-Education Session 60 Minutes $65

Re-Education Session 90 Minutes $90

To Schedule:

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